foot mobilisation therapy

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Foot and Leg Pain?

Wanda is qualified to an advanced level in practicing Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT). This uses gentle and painless hands-on techniques to mobilise joints and improve the alignment of the feet and body.

When a joint is not fully mobile the other joints around it take up the slack creating extra stress on them; poor mobility in one area can cause what seems unrelated pain and stress in other areas.

When these techniques are combined with corrective exercises FMT will fix the cause of foot, heel, ankle leg, knee, hip and back pain, often eliminating the need for orthotics (insoles), surgery or medication.

Correcting joint dysfunctions with FMT will help in the treatment of the following conditions:

*Plantar fasciitis

*Heel spur syndrome

*Pain in forefoot – metatarsalgia

*Enlarged nerve in toes – Morton’s neuralgia

*Bunions – Hallux Valgus

*Inflammation of the sesamoid bones in ball of foot – Sesamoiditis

*Pain on outside of foot – Cuboid syndrome

*Chronic pain following ankle sprain

*Hammer toes

*Ankle instability

*Ankle sprains

*Pain on inner foot – Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis

*Shin splints

*Softening of knee cartilage – Patello-femoral syndrome

There are occasions when FMT will not work, for conditions such as hyper-mobility of joints and Rheumatoid arthritis, but Wanda will advise you of this at the outset.

FMT is not a one off treatment, you will require a course of treatment, this will be discussed at your initial consultation, number of treatments will be dependant on the complexity of your condition.

If you suffer with pain in your feet or legs and would like to discuss treatment options then contact me to discuss and arrange an initial appointment.

foot mobilisation therapy
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In our lifetime our feet will walk an average of 70,000 miles. This is the equivalent to walking 4 times around the world!

In this time, we will experience the ‘breaking in’ of new shoes, blisters, corns, infections as well as generalised foot and ankle pain.

Contented Soles are trained to evaluate, diagnose and manage all conditions relating to the lower limb.

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