Nail Reconstruction

Wanda can now painlessly reconstruct disfigured, discoloured and or damaged nails, often the result of trauma; fungal infection; thickened nails; Psoariatic nails and following nail surgery with a product that mimics your natural toenails, so that it blends in with your other nails. It is non porous, neither air nor moisture can penetrate the material. This means that it will prevent further spread or development of fungal nail, and will grow out like your natural nails; you can paint them, shape them just as you do your other nails…you can even show them off!

Nail reconstruction is safe and effective for all ages, including children, pregnant ladies and Diabetics, and will not react with any prescription medicines.

The materials used in nail construction are hypo-allergenic, odourless and do not use chemical activators, or acidic primers that damage the nail plate.

Reconstructed nails will grow out at the rate of your normal nail growth, further trauma may cause the reconstructed nail to come loose, particularly from sports such as football or where toes are severely constricted.

If you wish to have toes you can show off in sandals please contact me.

Nail Reconstruction
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