Foot Maintenance

Our top tips for keeping your feet it tip-top shape.

1. Walk daily, this gives your feet exercise, as well as other parts of your body!

2. Wash your feet every day in warm soapy water, don’t soak them, this encourages dry skin.

3. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes, this is an excellent breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

4. Moisturise your feet, but not between your toes.

5. Inspect your feet regularly, taking note particularly of their colour, temperature and any unusual features such as corns, callouses, verrucae, peeling skin or itchiness, you may wish to consider seeing a Podiatrist if you notice any of these.

6. Remove dead skin from your feet with a pumice stone or file designed for removing dead or hard skin, never file over the joints of your feet.

7. Trim your toenails straight across, do not cut the corners off - this may lead to ingrown toenails, do not cut them too short.

8. Wear the correct shoes (see our shoe buying tips).

9. Buy new shoes later in the day when your feet are largest, they shouldn’t hurt you when you put them on, and will need wearing in especially if they are a different heel height or width.

10. Be very cautious of using home remedies for foot problems, they may damage normal healthy skin if incorrectly applied, or if you are sensitive to the product.

11. Never attempt to cut out corns yourself, this may lead to further problems.

12. Avoid walking barefoot, feet are more prone to injury, if you must, take extreme care, only put your feet on stable ground that you can clearly see there are no hazards on.

13. If you are out in the sun, remember, feet get sunburnt too, especially on the top of your feet where the skin is very thin.

14. It is preferable to wear cotton socks and change them daily.

15. If you have very sweaty feet wear shoes that are made of leather or canvas - sandals are very good. Have more than one pair and alternate them on a daily basis. Use foot powder and if severe problems persist seek help.

16. Do not be tempted to pick at your feet, it is very likely you’ll damage them!

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In our lifetime our feet will walk an average of 70,000 miles. This is the equivalent to walking 4 times around the world!

In this time, we will experience the ‘breaking in’ of new shoes, blisters, corns, infections as well as generalised foot and ankle pain.

Contented Soles are trained to evaluate, diagnose and manage all conditions relating to the lower limb.

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