Nail Surgery

Contented soles would assess your feet and nails to provide the best treatment outcomes.

Occasionally, nails can cause infection by ingrowing or following the effects of trauma can grow abnormally and cause pain.

What can I expect?

Nails can be partially or totally removed surgically using local anaesthetic only as a last resort and after full explanation and  discussion with the client. Acid is used to minimise  nail regrowth.

Antibiotic tablets are prescribed at Contented Soles as necessary for infections prior to nail surgery to minimise the spread of infection.

A consent form is completed on the day of the procedure and the client is advised not to drive following surgery but to try and get a lift home to minimise bleeding and due to possible side effects of the anaesthetic.

Guidance is provided verbally and with a leaflet for the client regarding care if the toe following surgery.

The dressing is taken down in clinic the following day and weekly follow up appointments are provided as part of the nail surgery package until the wound has healed.

Ingrown Toe Nail
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your feet are in safe hands.

In our lifetime our feet will walk an average of 70,000 miles. This is the equivalent to walking 4 times around the world!

In this time, we will experience the ‘breaking in’ of new shoes, blisters, corns, infections as well as generalised foot and ankle pain.

Contented Soles are trained to evaluate, diagnose and manage all conditions relating to the lower limb.

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