Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is entirely safe and pain free. A laser beam is applied to specific energy points on the body stimulating the production of endorphins (natural chemicals released by the brain to make you feel good).

When stopping smoking, it is initially the sudden drop in endorphins that leads to withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings.

Laser Therapy will help relieve these cravings and assist with stress reduction and lung detoxification.

As a result thousands of people have successfully stopped smoking thanks to Laser Therapy.

Recently published clinical trials repeatedly demonstrate a success rate with Laser Therapy of 82-88% success.

Of course to optimise your success – you need to want to quit!

Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

What Happens?

First of all you need to want to stop smoking. It is pointless trying any method of stopping smoking unless you are committed to it.

From your very first contact with us we will support and help you to acheive your goal. At your first appointment we will talk to you about your smoking history and help you fill in a few forms. we will then take some measurements including an estimation of your current lung age.

We will then carry out the Laser Therapy.

You will need to attend the following day for a further session, and then 4-6 weeks later. At each appointment, we will also repeat your measurements.

Throughout the whole process we will give you advice, support  on withdrawal symptoms and cravings, as well as nutrition, managing your habits and of course plenty of encouragement to help you acheive your goal.

You may bring someone with you, but they will not be allowed in the room whilst you are having Laser Therapy.

As with most treatments, there are a few contra-indications, we may not treat you if you have:

* Cancer

* Epilepsy

* Pregnant

* Organ Transplant

* Pacemaker

We will of course discuss your medical history with you at your appointment.

All Laser Therapy is carried out by fully qualified Laser Therapists, who are also Registered General Nurses.

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your feet are in safe hands.

In our lifetime our feet will walk an average of 70,000 miles. This is the equivalent to walking 4 times around the world!

In this time, we will experience the ‘breaking in’ of new shoes, blisters, corns, infections as well as generalised foot and ankle pain.

Contented Soles are trained to evaluate, diagnose and manage all conditions relating to the lower limb.


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